We have mastered the art of pest removal here in the Treasure Valley.  Ridding your home of pests is no simple task.  Because of the many different types of pests, we have designed a 3 step program to ensure that your home is pest free all year long.

Nothing looks better than having clean eaves that are free of spider webs and wasp nests. Every time we come to your home, we start by our professional eave inspection. Your licensed technician uses a treated brush to knock down all wasp nests. The brush is treated which means that not only will it keep your eaves looking aesthetically nice, but it will also prevent pests from nesting and coming back a week after we're gone.


1 Step

Spiders, ants, earwigs, and other critters love the areas around the perimeter of your home. Your plant beds around the house create perfect breeding grounds for all of your unwanted pests. We use a special product that is safe and eco-friendly to create a barrier around your home.  We spray three feet up the home, as well as three feet away from the home.  We do this around the entire perimeter of your home affectively treated for unwanted pests as well as preventing them in the future.  We will also make sure to spray around your patio, and your walkways to ensure that your outside area is kept pest free.


2 Step

Most homes here in the valley have a vented crawl space.  The vents along the outside of your home are like freeways for pests.  As the weather changes day to day, pests find refuge in your vents and crawl space.  We inject a special powder into every vent from the outside of the home to ensure that pests are kept out of your crawl space.

We don’t stop at the crawl space.  At Perx we are happy to treat the inside of your home any time we come out for no additional charge.  On the inside we use a hand-held sprayer to do a floorboard treatment.  Once again, the product is safe for your children and pets and will not cause any damage to your wood, carpet, or furniture.




3 Step